A downloadable game for Windows

This game was developed for the
AGDS Summer Jam 2020.

Midnight Marmalade presents: Negative Space. A short game in a classic style featuring some scary moments trapped in between.

Davide Beercock
Jann Andre Fjelde Mjoen
Lyes Oussaiden

Requires a DX11 graphics card or later.


Negative Space v1.1 (x64) - Stable 37 MB

Development log


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never thought a shadow monster thing could scare me 😂 starts @3:50

Thanks for playing and recording our game! We have some plans to expand upon the game. There is a few puzzles in the game as well that you missed. You did not get to the ending.

Great video mate!


i don't get it


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Is there something that is unclear or could be improved? We are aware that this game is not easy to figure out. Where are you stuck?

We are planning to release new versions of this game in the near future.

Sorry for the late response, We have been quite busy.