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Buckle up for this is the only best digital office chair racing experience of your life.
Welcome to Chair Raisers.

What is it?

Chair Raisers is a racing game that uses office chairs as controller input. Two players in two cars are placed on a track, and the first person to complete the race wins! (That is if you can manage to control the car well enough to actually reach the end.)

So... how does it work?

At first, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to use Wii Remotes with the Wii Motion Plus add-on attached. However, it turns out decade old consumer hardware doesn't always behave as you would expect. Running out of that sweet, sweet game jam time, we turned to mobile phones. Utilising the Websocket-Sharp api, two in-car phone holders, and a whole lotta fabric tape, gyroscopic sensor information is transferred from two Android devices over a Wi-Fi network connection to a server running in-game. This equipment is set-up to track two key pieces of information.

Gyroscopic Pitch

Ensuring the office chair's back adjustment lever has been lifted, players can lean back to accelerate in-game. Conversely, in order to slow down or adjust their speed, players can lean forward to break.

Gyroscopic Yaw

Marked in-game using an arrow indicator, the chair's swivel is translated into the car's steering in-game.

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